Housing Renovation - Home Renovation


The repair of houses, apartments, offices and businesses is one of the most popular services offered by the company SYMEONIDIS (SIMEONIDIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) to inhabitants of cities, villages and cottages. We carry out repairs to buildings and oikisima apartments and houses. We also undertake a complete reconstruction of interior floors. The complexity of the renovation of your home does not frighten us, because our company has full experience in all construction and repair issues. The knowledge and skills of our specialists, materials and our equipment can face any difficulty, even the most complex repair of the apartment or house.

By building a new home can narrow grooming, we need an old house. Houses, which are over 20 years old require an overall renovation that includes, for example reinforcing floors and other major changes. Also if you buy a house or apartment, but want to own the design, we will help you with that. This service is not expensive.

We also undertake repair work on non oikisima buildings. If you need repair of office, pharmacy, store or repair any space a business call without a second thought. Our expert professionals will make you a quick and economical repair of any type in any room request. A professional repair commercial space: hotel, cafe, office or in a beauty salon, certainly raises the company's image and thereby attract more customers. Also contributing to the development of the company and can increase the confidence of customers and partners.

The high-quality, economical and efficient repairs of apartments and houses made by our professionals, have significant advantages over other repair construction companies, namely:

 ●  Low cost of work and materials.

 ●  Short-term repairs.

 ●  Carefully remove the old finish.

 ●  Work under this project design.

 ●  Using environmentally friendly materials environment.

 ●  Use of innovative equipment, tools and technologies.

 ●  Guarantee for all jobs.

 ●  Individual approach.

We undertake full or partial renovation to houses in Thessaloniki with the lowest prices. Radically office or home renovation, the type of work includes:

 ●  Change in mechanical design

 ●  Rehabilitation of the area

 ●  The surfaces are cleaned from old finishes

 ●  Reconstruction of floors and walls

 ●  Change and insulation of the roof

 ●  Carried out preparatory work for the completion of the space

 ●  Finishing of surfaces

The SYMEONIDIS company also performs partial repair floors, tiles, plaster on the facade and so on. Moreover can make repairs in individual rooms in an apartment or house. For example, you can order renovating the kitchen, and we will repair it for you with exclusive design. Modern materials provided by us in a wide variety, have high moisture resistance and high temperatures.

You want to repair the bathroom, the shower, the WC; We will offer you excellent, moisture resistant materials from the best manufacturers: Spanish and Italian ceramic floor German, Swiss finishing mixture. We also have many domestic raw materials, which are not inferior in beauty and strength. We have a rich color palette of decorative materials that will give you the ability to implement any design you wish.

We can repair the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, that the spaces inside the house, and individual outdoor units, for example, balconies, porches, attics, roofs and so on. Addressing to us to repair request, you will be perfectly executed professional work of both the inner and your outer space in a short time and with great savings. Do not hesitate! Call!