The SYMEONIDIS company is one of the few construction companies, which have as a priority the construction and repair of buildings in Greece, based on customer requirements and the improvement of the settlements. We perform improvement of settlements using different kinds of innovation in engineering, transport and communications.

A quality built home, which has become a professional architectural design, gives vitality and warmth with the beautiful appearance of even a city or village. The most important goal for any manufacturing company is well-designed, functional infrastructure and the rapid, direct transfer of materials in the area for more intensive construction. The main direction of SYMEONIDIS company activity is the construction of buildings (homes, businesses) in Greece, namely the construction of new buildings and the provision of infrastructure in developed areas are built.

In our work we are looking for new ways and solutions, taking advantage of advances in technology and advanced scientific developments. The project of construction of houses is an established structure carefully looked at the association of specialist professionals on various fields: from artisans working with construction equipment by craftsmen for concrete, tiles and so on.

Our company has managed to accumulate a lot of experience through the implementation of orders from public contracts for the construction of buildings in different areas of Thessaloniki. Also great is our successes in the commercial, industrial and private sectors. For many years, we carry out public order, involving projects of private and legal persons. The various types of work include:

 ●  The communications facility

 ●  Creation of engineering structures

 ●  New construction

 ●  Reconstruction of buildings

 ●  Renovation and expansion of buildings

Our main focus is not only the general construction of new buildings and areas, as well as their direct integration into the city network, conducting high-quality infrastructure, landscaping, the adjustment of mechanical and public communications, the development of new transport routes and take other multi measures to improve living standards and the creation of comfortable living conditions in the region.